Forging Ingots


BBLIPL Forging Quality Ingots have been developed to meet the highest benchmark of quality. The ingots can be made in various dimension to meet with different Forging, Upsetting and Ring Rolling applications. The ingots undergo a rigorous inspection procedure to meet set industrial quality standards and norms

We are manufacturing Square and Octagonal/Fluted Forging Quality Ingots in weight of up to 6 M.T. Ingots can be supplied in As Cast as well as in Ground condition.

Some of the ingots grade manufactured:

Carbon Steel (EN 8, EN 9, C 45, IS 2062, Class I, Class II, Class III, Class IV, A 105, ST 52.3, S 25C) In addition to the above, we can manufacture any other grades, as per customer’s specific requirement.

The Forging Quality Ingots can be used to manufacture Forged Blocks, Rolls, Shafts, Rolled Rings, Pinion Gears, Discs, Hubs, Crankshafts, Bonnets, Trunnions, and various other components


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